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What are Mission Adventures? 

An experience you and your group will never forget. 

Our Mission Adventures are 1-2 hour Missions that thrust your group into a larger story that includes overcoming challenges, physical activity, developing communication skills, and growing in character.

Each Mission has either a fantasy-based theme (termed Medieval) or real-life based theme (termed Mountaineers). Each theme has dozens of possible missions, and different outcomes to each mission. Missions might involve finding treasure, escaping from danger, defeating a challenge, solving a riddle, or (most often) a combination of all the above. Our missions are popular party events for kids and young adults, and are utilized by adults and organizations for leadership development and fun events. Experiential learning is by far the most impactful, both regarding learned real-world skills and the development of character.


When you book a Mission with Mission Adventure Camp, you'll never get the same Mission twice. 

Missions are tailored based on age and party request.

Kids Missions often involve costumes, foam swords, face painting, and fun education-filled adventure. 
Teen Missions often involve wooden training swords, armor, air-soft, and other simulated gear such as stretchers, harnesses or survival gear. 

Adult & Group Missions involve a combination of the above. Advanced Missions, for tactically-oriented or extreme sports groups, include force-on-force based weapon systems, including rifle and handgun. Click below to learn more!

Kids (5-12)


Teens (13-17)

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Adults and Organized Groups

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