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Kid Mission Adventures

Sightings of a wild Unicorn could be true, for your child's next birthday party. 

A dragon has been devastating our camp. Your son can be the hero that rallies his friends, solving riddles and working as a team to overcome and succeed. 

At Mission Adventure Camp, our 1-2 hour mission adventures will be the special event your child looks forward to every year. 
Kids Missions are offered in two themes: fantasy based (termed Medieval) or real-world based (termed Mountaineer). 

Kid missions are perfect additions to birthday parties and special events. To host your party or event onsite after a Kids Mission, our facilities are available to reserve.

Each mission is guided by a fun, dynamic facilitator, who will help engage your children in the story...and ensure they have a blast. At least one responsible adult/guardian must remain onsite during all Kids Missions. Parents are welcome to participate! 

Face-Painting packages (and other add-ons) are offered for your specific party, before or after your mission. 

12 participants Max, per facilitator.
Ages 5-12
Costumes & Gear Provided


Fantasy based stories come alive in our Medieval Missions! Donn cloaks and gowns, arm yourself with foam swords and magical wands! Work through puzzles, solve riddles, find treasure, and overcome, all while building healthy communication skills and working as a team. 

12 participants Max, per facilitator.
Ages 5-12
Costumes & Gear Provided

Knight and Owl

Enter into an Adventure based in the real world! Puzzles and treasure-hunts challenge your little people to grow, games and hikes increase physical education - all while having fun in nature! Missions often involve nerf-guns, our low-ropes course, and outdoor games. 

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