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Adult Mission Adventures

You and your spouse are in the comfort of your home. It's a regular Saturday, around lunch-time. 

The wail of an air-siren alerts you to a horrifying reality: there has been an invasion by foreign forces. Now, with all odds stacked against, you and your spouse must develop a plan, acquire weapons & resources, communicate under stress, and overcome obstacles to make it to your vehicle, secure your child from school, and reach a safe location. 

Yes, it sounds like a blockbuster. At Mission Adventure Camp, it is a 2-hour scenario that you'll never forget. 

Adult Missions can be tailored to any adult group, including leadership teams, birthday parties, friend groups, and couples. Intensity levels vary upon request, perfect for beginners, tacticians, and extreme sport enthusiasts. Each mission is guided by an advanced facilitator, who will help you succeed. Facilitators can be added to increase your group size.

No experience is necessary.

Low Intensity
12 participants per Facilitator. 

TTAC Outdoor Survival
TTAC Low Intesity


Standard team and individual leadership challenges. Missions regularly include games, treasure hunts, orienteering, low-ropes courses, and table-top exercises.

Medium Intensity
8 participants per Facilitator.

1512060_630830930325825_4137023049289784905_o (1).jpg
TTAC Intensity


Increasingly difficult team and individual leadership challenges. Missions include simulated injuries, actors who are may display indicators of aggression, high-risk treasure hunts, moving targets, and unknown factors. Your heart-rate will increase, and you may decide to include airsoft or paintball systems in your adventure. 

High Intensity*
5 participants per Facilitator.

*View the High Intensity Terms and Conditions Prior to registration. 

All Gear Provided. 

High in.JPG


Armed with training munitions typically reserved for high-level military and SWAT training environments, you will be pushed in an intense scenario. You will be engaged by enemy forces with various weapon systems and tactics. While under coordinated attack, you will have to strategize, mobilize, and turn the tide to overcome and succeed . 

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